Upcoming Mexican Exhibit Grand Opening

Celebrate the heritage of Mexicans in Miami on Saturday, Sept. 12, during the grand opening of the Mexican Exhibit here at Bullion Plaza Cultural Center & Museum from 11 am to 1 pm. This is part of the Annual Mexican Fiesta, held on the front lawn. Enjoy Mariachi music and chips & salsa at the reception.

Slavic Dinner With Traditional Kolo Dancing

Kolo Dancing Featured

The 2015 Slavic Dinner was held on April 25th at the Bullion Plaza Cultural Center & Museum. The public is welcome at this annual event. Prepaid reservations required. Please see our Bullion Plaza Cultural Center & Museum Facebook Events page for more details and contact information.

Pictures from the 2015 Slavic Dinner include a display of Slavic Traditional Kolo Dancing. Left to right: Slavic guests doing traditional Kolo Dancing, Nick Vudrag and his Tamburitza Orchestra; Patsy Elmer of Big Time Jersey with Phillis Blake who won Sun’s Player Dragic’s jersey in the Silent Auction; Guests enjoying traditional chevapi dinner.

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