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Get Started

To begin building your site, at upper left click your My Home icon to show the Admin (aka Dashboard) screen.

See the Getting started on video.

Getting started on, on the Automattic Youtube channel.


You can add content and launch your website (publish aka go live). You’ll have the option to make it ‘private’ again if you want to do more polishing.

As an example, the Bullion website uses the two major WordPress content types:

  • Posts, such as News articles (aka blog posts), which usually update in a column automatically.
  • Pages, such as Permanent Exhibits webpages (aka static pages), which don’t update automatically.

Posts and Pages can include:

  • Text (original to promote google ranking and avoid plagiarism).
  • Images (original, highly-compressed JPGs and PNGs at TinyPNG).
  • Videos (original, only embedded here after uploaded to Youtube).
  • All with quotations/sources cited and photographers credited.


See’s main support, getting started and site tutorials pages. See the Automattic WordPress Youtube channel for webinars, release announcements and more tutorials.


WordPress is a content management system (CMS) for websites and blogs.

The Bullion website runs on the ‘managed hosting’ version of WordPress at (owned by Automattic). It’s not to be confused with the DIY, manual-install, open-source version of WordPress at However, the two have many similar Admin/Dashboard aspects.

Browser Compatibility

For best results using the WordPress Admin/Dashboard and viewing a WordPress website/blog, use an up-to-date browser per Browse Happy.

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