Copper Room

Historic Classroom

Copper Room Mine PaintingThis room was a classroom, as others in this building. Visitors to the museum, originally students at Bullion Plaza School, remember this as many things … primarily a kindergarten class. Each generation of students from the earliest attendees to the last, remember its use as something different. The transoms above the doors are original, have been restored, and are once again operable. The maple floors have been restored and refinished by Kino Floors of Globe, Arizona.

The restoration and renovation of this room was funded, in part, through grant awards from Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold – Miami Operations, and the Freeport Foundation. The work was completed by various contractors and many museum volunteers.

We are happy to offer this room for various exhibits, original art work by local artists, and as a support room for activities and events that require use of the Inspiration Room and this room as well.

This room may be rented. Please call us at 928-473-3700 for pricing and availability.