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Create a Free WordPress Account

Five steps to create a Free WordPress account with a website and/or blog.

Step 1
On the WordPress homepage at, from the top menu, choose ‘Plans & Pricing.’ (1st image)

Step 2
On the Plans & Pricing page at, choose ‘start with a free site.’ (2nd image)

Step 3
On the Start page, enter your Email, a Username (for domain/URL) and Password. Then click ‘Create your account.’ (3rd image)

Step 4
On the Domains page, enter your username in the ‘Choose a domain’ field. Choose ‘Select’ for ‘Free’ domain/URL: ‘’ (4th image)

Step 5
Follow prompts to activate website. The WordPress Reader, Admin Bar and ‘My Sites’ link to the Dashboard appear. Your domain/URL shows ‘Coming Soon.’ (5th image)

For best results using/viewing WordPress sites, use an up-to-date browser per Browse Happy at

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